Our services

1. Accounting Services

Good accounting is the foundation of good business. At AKA Tax Accounting, we understand the importance of excellent accounting. Not only is it vital for the healthy running of your business, it might also save you money (accountants generally charge more if your books are kept badly). You can focus on what’s most important to you – the success of your business.

What are we doing?
• Counseling in the preparation of bookkeeping documents;
• Chronological and systematic processing of primary accounting documents;
• Fixed assets bookkeeping, calculation of amortisation;
• Monthly preparation of the trial balance;
• Computation of VAT, profit tax/income tax;
• Computation, preparation and submission of annual, quarterly and annualy of the fiscal declarations;
• Preparation and submission of quarterly and annual financial statements;
• Assistance and representation during fiscal controls;
• Reglarea/urmarirea fisei pe platitor;
• Information on changes in tax and financial-accounting legislation.

2. Payroll and Personnel Management Services

We offer payroll and personnel management services and human resources counselling services right for you. Eliminate the burden using our global outsourced service. We can take care of your wages.

What are we doing?
• Drafting and recording the individual employment contracts in REVISAL;
• Drafting and recording in Revisal of employment termination / suspension etc. documents;
• Managing the employee database;
• Releasing employment certificates to employees;
• Calculating wages and contributions payable to state institutions;
• Preparation and submission of fiscal declarations in compliance with the legislation in force;
• Preparing payment orders (electronic form or hardcopy) for related contributions.

3. Financial and Fiscal Consultancy

We know how important it is to respect the legislation in force. We provide financial and fiscal consultancy on various topics: VAT, profit tax, income tax, fixed assets, non-residents, stocks, local taxes, payroll. We also make a financial and tax analysis of your company's operations to make sure your business is in good hands.

What are we doing?
• Preparation and analysis of income and expense statements;
• Consultancy on financial-accounting legislation.

4. Business Incorporation Services

We offer assistance and consultancy at the establishment of the company by choosing the best tax and accounting option. The team of specialists we constantly collaborate with (lawyers, notaries, authorized translators, expert accountants) provides complete solutions.

What are we doing?
• registration of the company to the Trade Registry;
• Registration for VAT purposes.

5. Accounting and Fiscal Checks

Do you want to know if your company complies with current legislation?

AKA Tax Accounting carries out accounting and tax checks at various companies in Transylvania. The accounting and tax checks will be made on the basis of the accounting and fiscal documents provided in accordance with the Romanian accounting principles.
We conduct the verification of accounting and fiscal aspects in order to identify potential risk-generating problems.

What are we checking out?
• VAT: fiscal declarations, VAT journals, justifiyng documents;
• profit tax: fiscal declarations, tax calculation, justifiyng documents;
• tax non-residents: statements, tax calculation;
• fixed assets: amortization;
• stocks: stock documents;
• local taxes: declarations.

Additionally, we provide telephone or e-mail consultancy whenever you need to resolve a tax and accounting problem you are facing.

6. Due Diligence

What is due diligence? When should you do it and how do you do due diligence? Here's a simple explanation and guidelines to help you decide what factors to investigate before you buy a business or make other costly business decisions.

The dictionary definition says that due diligence is “the care that a reasonable person exercises to avoid harm to other persons or their property.” Often, due diligence is used to describe the investigation done before purchasing another company, so let’s start there.

Suppose you plan to buy an attractive business for you. Before acquiring the business, with the help of professionals, perform a due diligence:

Does the business have healthy cash flow?
can you tell where the revenue stream is coming from?
Are profits going up or down?
Are the company documents complete?
Is the business up to date on its taxes?
Does it lease property? If so, when does the lease end?

Due diligence is of major importance for the acquisition of a company.